RDO Marketing - About RDO (Relevance)

Let Us Guide You To Relevant Relationships.

Strong, meaningful, long-term relationships with your customers are what we like to call "relevant relationships." It's those loyal relationships that form the solid foundation of any successful business. And that's what we're here to help you achieve, like no one else can.

RDO Marketing has a long and productive history of delivering powerful, effective solutions to clients. We know the value of strategic thinking when its combined with high-powered creativity and professional and support systems. Through our proven approach to strategy development and integrated program execution, you'll have a hard-working combination that will set you on a winning course.

Our experience is broad, deep and diverse. We've worked with companies of all sizes. Locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. We've strategized, planned and created marketing programs that acquire, nurture and retain preferred constituents (customers, channel partners and employees). We've solved difficult B:B as well as B:C marketing problems.

But unlike many other consultants or agencies who often bring in more junior people after the paperwork is signed, you can be sure that our senior staff will be actively involved in every project from beginning to end.

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