RDO Marketing - About RDO (Approach)

Take Precise Aim With A Balanced Approach.

Every client's needs are different. And we firmly believe in crafting a customized, balanced solution that meets those precise needs. After all, why should you have to accept program components that you don't need?

We pride ourselves on having no preconceived, packaged programs that we need to sell, no cookie-cutter advice that we dispense to every client no matter what. Your needs are the only drivers of the approach we take. And that's just as it should be.

In order to design an integrated solution that fits your specific business requirements, we select the appropriate elements from a broad range of marketing disciplines. Balancing them properly will help you accelerate sales and profits. And land you in the winner's circle.

Our balanced solution may include one or more of these marketing disciplines:

- Market Planning & Budgeting
- Loyalty Marketing
- Market Research
- Sales Performance Improvement
- Public Relations
- Sales Promotion
- Advertising
- Direct Sales Programs
- Direct and Data-based Marketing
- Employee Recognition Programs

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