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RDO Marketing is a 10 year-old relationship marketing agency located in Minneapolis, Minnesota U.S.A.

Our mission is to accelerate the success of emerging or established businesses using customer-guided marketing plans and marketing/communications programs. With insights gleened from best customers and preferred prospects RDO packages and promotes our client's most genuine business promise. The end result? A more compelling, effective and profitable marketing program that immediately increases sales and sustains profitable growth over time.

We utilize a unique customer guided planning process to lead us to the best marketing solution. Once armed with a strong identity, a memorable market message and competitive distinctions, we plan and execute leading-edge sales and marketing efforts that find new customers, retain best customers and nurture life-long business relationships. We have developed a reputation for delivering unbiased, best-in-class marketing solutions for fees that are well below those charged by much larger marketing and communications agencies.

RDO's clients include emerging and established companies in many industries, including: Beverage, Construction, Electronics, Health Care, Medical Devices & Equipment, Professional Services, Retail Clothing, Telecommunications and Toys.

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